CVS for Dreamweaver 3.1.1 Free download

CVS for Dreamweaver 3.1.1

  • Publisher:GraFX Software
  • Version:3.1.1
  • Operation System:Mac OS X
  • License:Shareware
  • File Size:512 KB

Total Downloads:351

CVS for Dreamweaver 3.1.1Description

Use CVS in Dreamweaver and have a better understanding of version and source control
CVS for Dreamweaver offers outstanding benefits for version and source code control. It's a useful tool for any professional developer - freelance, small to medium business or larger distributed teams. Several developers may work on the same project concurrently, each one editing files within their own "working copy" of the project, and sending (or checking in) their modifications to the server. To avoid the possibility of people stepping on each other's toes, the server will only accept changes made to the most recent version of a file.

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